Anita's Underwater exploration

Ready to earn their underwater explorer badges, Anita and her friends dive into their newest adventure. Admiring vibrant coral, colorful fish, and all sorts of other species of the ocean, the Junior Park Rangers explore the undersea world. But to their dismay, they discover what impact the heaps of harmful litter have on sea life.

Anita's Underwater Exploration is a beautifully illustrated picture book, focusing on conserving our oceans.

Krystine Cabrera, 2023, 54 pages, Hardcover ISBN-13: 979-8-9875454-3-0.
Krystine Cabrera, 2023, 54 pages, Paperback ISBN-13: 979-8-9875454-0-9.

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Interested in picking up litter with your little ones? Download and print the
Litter Scavenger Worksheet for your next cleanup is here!


Overall, your storyline is very clear and well-organized. I first have to say that I love the representation of diversity in this book, from the illustrations to the names! Children’s books in general still struggle to have main characters that represent an array of cultures and ethnicities, and I appreciated seeing that representation here in this book, as it will help more children feel seen and connected to the message(s) that the author is wishing to impart. I love all of the climate languages you use and introduce to children in this book! Lastly, I just wanted to say that I love how the children review what they learned at the end of the story while providing solid and specific solutions to how we can help protect the ocean in everyday life (and not just while we are at the beach or diving in the ocean). This book is going to be a fantastic tool and resource for helping to educate children, and maybe even some adults, about climate change!  What a beautiful way to help support children to be climate activists!  Krystine is brave in reaching for her dreams and sharing"

~ Bryanna

This book is so cute and educational for all the kids who are in grade school. I like how each kid in the story shared what they learned about the environment and how our actions can impact the ocean and sea animals before earning their badge. The illustrations, characters, and names are all beautiful! Children will enjoy reading this book!"

~ Maria (MSW)

"I loved the artwork! It’s great how Krystine combines storytelling with facts, just as in the 1st book, it doesn’t get tedious or boring as she’s managed to keep a balance between facts and awareness of pollution and the story of Anita! Well done! And as far as I could see, there were no typos! I like the individual bubbles where the children list what they learned, and it’s not too hard to grasp. Easy read!"

~ Gilbert

Before reading it, I was afraid that Anita and her friends were going to do something like cleaning up the sea, which would make for an enjoyable adventure but would not be relatable for the kids who are reading it. This is why I loved how it also focuses on HOW cans, plastic bags, etc., end up in the ocean in the first place and what we can do to do our part in preventing it.

From the book, I love how it’s focused on only three kids who tackle different issues guided by a particular animal. The structure is perfect because it relies on this kind of repetition to learn about different issues.

~ Armando