This illustrated children's book is for all the little ones that love and care to preserve our planet. 

You'll embark on an adventure with Junior Park Rangers to clean and maintain the National Park's natural beauty!

This children's book is for all the little ones that love the ocean and its sea life.

You'll adventure into the underwater world with the Junior Park Rangers and learn how our actions can impact the ocean environment!

"This book will have a truly positive influence on the world if enough people get their hands on it. It is sure to engage young readers and inspire them to make a difference in their own communities. The story teaches important environmental issues without being preachy, pedantic, or condescending, and when the story leads to an animal impacted by littering, it allows the author to connect with readers on an emotional level. Children will be left feeling motivated to become just like Anita and her fellow volunteers, who are dedicated to protecting nature and animals. It also wonderfully highlights how working together as a team can make a big difference, if everyone works together to reduce, reuse and recycle, we can all enjoy a greener world. In my opinion, this book should be required reading for everyone!"

- Louise Jane, CEO of The Golden Wizard Book Prize

“I asked my son what he thought of the book and he said, 'I think kids are going to want to read this a lot, like every night.' He said his favorite thing about the book is that it teaches people to be kind and care about people and the earth. My son has ADHD, so it's really hard to keep his attention and he had no trouble listening to the whole thing.“

~ Tiffany Hussell