activity sheets


Interested in making a difference in the world with your little ones while playing a fun game? This Litter Scavenger Hunt worksheet is meant to show children the different types of trash that can be found in different public places. You can save this image or download it at this link. When completed, you are welcome to email me pictures of the worksheet and what you both have found at

Parents that email me showcasing how your little ones are helping the environment will have their photos and little ones' names added to my website Hall of Fame!

Thank you all for caring for our planet!! ♡♡♡

Litter cleanup reflection

After playing the fun scavenger hunt game, have your little one take some time to reflect and do this worksheet. It is meant to have your little one think about litter more critically and reflect on ways they could reduce that. The final question is meant to showcase an item that they do not expect to find as litter. You can save this image or download the pdf at this link.